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MC Donkenny: The Intriguing POWER of BELIVE

Article by Alabi Toheeb Oladayo (Harmonizer)

Many never knew Comedy has always been such a powerful medicine needed by everyone towards living a healthy and duress free life,not until some years ago when so many comedians and MC(s) made us realize the unimaginable power attached to it.An old Yiddish proverb says, “What soap is to the body,laughter is to the soul.”Everyone knows that laughter makes you feel good and puts you in high spirits,but did you also know that laughter actually causes physiological responses that protect the body from disease and help your vital organs repair themselves?A good laugh can be compared to a mild workout,as it exercises the muscles,gets the blood flowing,decreases blood pressure and stress hormones,improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system.Of which one of the most powerful Nigeria Comedians as well as MC is this Bashiru Kehinde Akano generally known as Emcee Donkenny,an outstanding and liberal person far from being qualified with foul words nor traits.Bashiru Kehinde started establishing himself into the ministry of comedy plus MC 9years ago(2007). Attended LA primary school Layeni,before finishing his secondary school level at Amuwo Odofin high school,Mile 2.He never toyed with his academic life which made him apply and concluded his National diploma at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin(2013).

MC Donkenny and DJ Sose
MC Donkenny and DJ Sose

A boy who came from the street with the motive of putting smiles into the face of others,taking proper charge of your shows or parties to your best satisfaction and proving to the world that better things come from the street too.Many thought of him as a sarcastic and lunatic person at the very early stage of his career but later figured out the power in what he was trying to do,which is trying every way he can in putting smiles into the faces of the viewers,anchoring shows or parties the best way anyone could never think of and making people in sorrowful situations forget their bad states with his distinct talents.


He is an epitome of greatness who made every single fellow to never learn or believe coming out from the street should be an hindrance in chasing one’s dream because Dream isn’t all about where you originated but where you aspire to be in the possible future with the readiness to work so hard for it.He joined a group of motivators(Dreamz Boiz Crew, DBC) who don’t only based their energies on making people know,see and believe they’ve got talents to show the world but also going so deep down into the streets in making youths in the streets strong enough to discover and exhibit the hidden talents deep down in them too. And also bless with an unrelenting Manager Nureni Jamiu popularly known as NFA. Abusive words were hurled at him and people of his kind who think comedy can be an intriguing power in changing lives almost at the tip of fall yet he never gave up and always saying to “Never allow anyone to make you believe you can’t achieve all you want and aspire for in life no matter how discouraging they are.”He doesn’t just make people laugh but could handle shows,birthday parties,street jamz and lots more than you could ever imagine.

On the microphone,he is really a charming MC with his unique ways and strategies of turning the atmosphere of a program,shows or parties from being dull,less interesting to being much lively and entertaining.Now,he is becoming one of the successful MC after so many hurdles faced

MC Donkenny and Adekunle Gold
MC Donkenny and Adekunle Gold

many battles fought.His life history passes a message telling people that “Believing you can make it in life is half the battle of success.”
Just believe,work,pray and the sky will always be your starting point and never your limit.

Lil Kesh
Lil Kesh
TY Mix
TY Mix


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IMG_20140906_105922After all the rumours surrounding the 2014 hajj, the prospective Alhajis and Alhajas begins travelling today.
It is not an easy task for the pilgrims who are to travel to Mecca today because the crowd at Ikeja secretariat where they are to procure there passport and other travelling documents is beyond description.
Right here we have the commissioner for tourism Disu Holloway and the Chairman ifelodun local council IMG_20140906_130528Alhaji Ajidagba Fatai (AJIFAT).
family and friends of the pilgrims are with them to see them of to the airport where their respective plain is to take of.
Stay with us as we bring you more details later.
Bashiru Kehinde reporting from Ikeja

Erigga- Cartoon + No be crime



After unleashing “Comot Your Leg From Cable” featuring Scally Normal and “Head Wan Blow” featuring P Fizzy, Erigga New Money ain’t slowing down as he continues dropping dope tunes for his ever teeming fans.

Erigga decides to drop two wonderful joints; on“Cartoon” produced by Frankie Free, he rhymes about his love for his significant other while on “No Be Crime” featuring P Fizzy, he goes all street and gritty narrating grimy street tales laced with his normal punch lines & metaphors.

Erigga is too good, we wish we could get an album from him soon and probably a number of high quality music videos. Solid Tracks!!!

Download Erigga – Cartoon

Download Erigga – No be Crime



Lee Norman, MD, chief medical officer for The University of Kansas Hospital has offered ten things one need to know about Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).
• Cases Are Out-Migrating From Africa: This is happening due to the fact that infected or ill people are traveling out of those countries in Africa with Ebola outbreaks. Cases found outside of Africa may likely go up as the number of people leaving outbreak areas increases when aid-workers and others return to their home countries.

• No Cases of Human-to-Human Transmission Outside of Africa: There has been no human-to-human or other transmission to humans outside of Africa.

• Ebola Is Not Transmitted By Air, Only Via Bodily Secretions: Ebola is not respiratory, so it is not transmitted through coughing or breathing. These infections are occurring because of people who are exposed to bodily fluids of infected individuals.

• Ebola Is Not The Most Infectious Disease: As infectious diseases go, Ebola virus isn’t inherently the most infectious nor is it the least infective from person-to-person.  Measles and chickenpox, for example, are easier to spread.  So are influenza and MERS.

• High Mortality Rates Due to Geography: The mortality rate is quite high in Africa Ebola cases, partly because of the chaos, instability, and unrest of the governments there, and very directly related to the fact that their access to standard treatment supplies (IV solution, tubing, syringes, and protective equipment) is not universally available. Ebola cases identified and treated in westernized nations, and those with modern infection control practices, will have a much lower rate than those seen in most African regions.

• Likelihood of Breakouts In Areas Outside of Africa: Meticulous infection control practices in modern hospitals will make it more unlikely that human-to-human transmission will occur in these settings.  While expensive and advanced bio-containment units provide the highest level of infection control, it is unlikely that these units will be widespread throughout the world.

• No Approved Immunizations and Treatments: There are no approved immunizations to prevent Ebola virus infection. There are no approved treatments for Ebola virus infection.  There are experimental antibody treatments, as well as an antiviral medication not approved for Ebola.  But whether either or both are safe or effective for widespread use is not known. “Compassionate use” or “experimental use” of the above treatments is tempting, because no targeted, specific “conventional treatment” exists.  But widely adopting experimental, unproven medications as “the new conventional therapy” has its own difficulties: Is it safe?  Is it effective?  Is it costly?  Are there unanticipated “down-sides” to using them? A WHO ethics panel has given the go-ahead for this, something it has never done before.

• How Animals Play a Role: The non-human vectors that can harbor Ebola virus (fruit bats, non-human primates) are widespread in areas far removed from Africa.  As such, it bears watching whether those vectors begin to harbor the virus.  The WHO has an excellent map showing the parts of the world with these vectors.

• Alert Levels: The WHO and CDC both recently increased their respective alert levels. State and local health departments throughout the U.S. and world will certainly seek guidance as to the adoption of best “local practices” to guide hospital and care providers. The guidance by the CDC as to how to manage exposed individuals and those who might be incubating the infection are quite specific and helpful.  They will certainly change as time goes on.

• What We Don’t Know About Ebola: There are things unknown about Ebola.  For example:
Can a person have had a low-level infection and not know they ever had it?  Probably, based on serum testing.
Does a person who has had it and survived develop lifelong immunity?  That is unknown at this point.  The various strains of Ebola are enough different antigenically that there may not be cross-immunity.
Is there such a thing as a “chronic carrier state” in humans where a person can shed the virus and be infectious for a long period of time, even when they themselves have no illness or symptoms? That is also unknown at this point.

Why is the deadly Ebola virus outbreak making the health experts hit the panic button? Find out from this …
Armed Men Attack Ebola Patients in Liberia Icountry has closed Liberia and Sierra Leone.

kloe k2kloe k

That’s what MediaTakeOut is claiming. They are reporting that Khloe has broken up with boyfriend of a little over 6 months, French Montana, after she caught him creeping with Love and Hip Hop star NY Tahiry (pictured with him right). The report below…

MediaTakeOut just got word from a top industry insider that Khloe Kardashian & French Montana are no longer a couple. And the details of their split are Juicy! Continue…

Earlier this week French Montana admitted to Billboard magazine that he was trying to “capitalize” on Khloe’s fame. Well close friends to Khloe have been TELLING HER that French Montana is a “USER” and is using Khloe for fame & money! And it ain’t just her FRIENDS telling her that either.

MediaTakeOutcom EXCLUSIVELY LEARNED that two weeks ago Kris called a major family meeting and told Khloe that French is NOT WELCOME IN THE FAMILY!

At first Khloe did not listen to her family. BUT EXCLUSIVELY LEARNED that a couple days later Khloe ALLEGEDLY found freaky text messages & pictures in French Montana phone of Love And Hip Hop NY Tahiry. We’re told that Khloe BROKE IT OFF with French and told him she rather deal with Lamar drug habits then to deal with French cheating habit !!!!!

Now get his . . . Over this weekend French Montana was seen all weekend in Miami with Tahiry. The two were in South Florida for The South Beach Invitational Weekend.